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Virtual Computer School MARET Lifelong learning of adults

The first virtual school in Slovakia. Learn AutoCAD via the virtual training in real time via the Internet with Lector.

Virtual Computer School MARET offers trainings in Slovak and English languages in the EU and other parts of the world.


Computer School MARET

The accredited educational institution "Počítačová škola MARET" was founded on 01.02.1993 in Slovak Republic with a focus on basic and specialized training in AutoCAD. I am professionally aimed to introducing new progressive technologies in CAD systems.

For the teaching of basic and vocational training, I received the accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic in 1993, where I was included to the institutions authorized to issue accreditation certificate valid in the Slovak Republic.

The Recovery of accreditation for Training Activity "Computer Design Methods - AutoCAD" was obtained from the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic on 28 November 2002 and for "Computer programs" training activity on 20 October 2004 and in 2009 for "Computer programs" activity.

Lecturer and Director Ing. Milan Papp, from Počítačová škola MARET was awarded the title on 28.11.1992

"Authorized AutoDesk Consultant" for AutoCAD software.

Short summary of the current activity:

For 30 years Počítačová škola MARET has trained many experts in Windows, Word, etc., and in professional training in AutoCAD for businesses such as: CALEX, a.s. Továrenská 49, Zlaté Moravce, SAN-HUMA 90, spol. with. r. , Farská 22, Nitra, Agrostav HSV sro, Tehelna 3, Zlaté Moravce, Slovak Road Administration, Murgašova 6, Nitra, AZAS, Podzámska 3, Nitra, DELTA INŽINIERING, Farská ul., Nitra, FITTICH TEMIS, sro , Nitra, KO3 proj. office, Farská 1, Nitra, Ing. project. office, Ing. Ján Ilavský, Levická 9, Nitra, J * S * C * KONZULT, PO + BOZP, Nitra, PPA Controll and other companies, OÚP, ul. Janka Kráľa, Nitra, OÚP Zlaté Moravce ...... - as well as had retrained many unemployed from the labor offices.

Milestones of the Computer School MARET

01. 02. 1993 - Počítačová škola MARET was established in Slovak Republic.

26. 02. 2010 - Počítačová škola MARET terminated its activity.

01. 03. 2010 - Počítačová škola MARET was created as a freelancer occupation in Slovak Republic.

31. 12. 2014 - Počítačová škola MARET ceased its activity as a freelance occupation.

01. 01. 2015 - Computer School MARET was founded on Malta

Currently Computer school MARET - provides lifelong learning for adults, offering professional Flexible and Virtual AutoCAD training in Slovak and English for the entire European Union and other parts of the world.

Virtual AutoCAD Teacher

World English Institute in USA ***Diploma***

Autorizovan� konzultanlt firmy AutoDesk

Authorized consultant firm AutoDesk



A teacher with 31 years experience teaches you AutoCAD.



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