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Virtual Computer School MARET Lifelong learning of adults

The first virtual school in Slovakia. Learn AutoCAD via the virtual training in real time via the Internet with Lector.

Virtual Computer School MARET offers trainings in Slovak and English languages in the EU and other parts of the world.

AutoCAD, progeCAD, GstarCAD or 4MCAD

Name of the training

Flexible and Virtual AutoCAD, progeCAD, GstarCAD or 4MCAD training one-to-one

What advantages do you get if you order the AutoCAD Training course in the Computer School Maret?

  • We offer high quality X-lessons of the professional training course in AutoCAD, progeCAD, GstarCAD or 4MCAD.
  • AutoCAD training is always conducted in such a profession that exercised the trainees, for example. if the electro-engineer then draws during training AutoCAD electro-engineering drawings.
  • Training takes place directly at your work or at home.
  • You do not have to travel anywhere for training, spend money on travel and waste your precious time.
  • We offer flexible time AutoCAD training as it a best suits the AutoCAD trainee.
  • During training you draw your own first project in AutoCAD under the supervision of the lecturer.
  • AutoCAD training starts at only one student.

The method of training

  • Instructions consist of three parts: a theoretical explanation of the commands, theoretical and practical understanding and practice of the commands. This method is 100% guaranteed and the student not only understands the commands, but also can practically use them in drawing the projects.
  • AutoCAD training will teach you to draw your own projects, this being the guarantee of the instructor.
  • AutoCAD training is suitable for beginners and advanced users of AutoCAD.
  • Training is performed on-line via the Internet in real time, with the participation of the lecturer. Under the supervision of a teacher the student draws their first project in their area of interest.

Number of students of training course

  • There can be maximally only one student and trainer on AutoCAD training.

Necessary knowledge for logging into AutoCAD training

  • The student must have basic knowledge of Windows operating system.

What you need for passing a virtual training AutoCAD in real time with the participation of lecturers.

  • The student must have a computer, internet connection, a microphone and speakers.

Flexible and Virtual AutoCAD, progeCAD, GstarCAD or 4MCAD training one-to-one

  • During AutoCAD training, you can draw practical drawings in AutoCAD in your profession under the teacher�s control.
  • The number of lessons of training and practical drawing in AutoCAD

    • The number of lessons of training AutoCAD, progeCAD, GstarCAD or 4MCAD can be: 6, 12, 24, 30, 42, 60, 72, 90
    • If you want to try the Virtual Training in AutoCAD, order 6 or 12 lessons of training AutoCAD.
    • If you are satisfied with the training in AutoCAD, you can expand the training in as many lessons as you need.
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    Time of the Training

    • Flexible Training: Student chooses the time, date and duration of the Training himself.

    The Timetable Flexible the Training

    • This is not a classical training where you have to follow the scheduled time, date and duration of training, but rather it is a training where you can choose the time and number of lessons of training sessions. If you cannot learn the next day nothing happens. You can arrange another lesson when it suits you.
    • You can interrupt the training, for example, for a week, two weeks, etc., then continue in training at any time again.
    • This schedule is flexible for you so that you can do your job but also educate yourself in order to receive higher education and enhance your productivity at work.

    Place of the training course

    • The place of training is internet.Training is performed on-line via the Internet in real time, with the participation of the lecturer. Under the supervision of a teacher the student draws their first project in their area of interest.

    Training programs - AutoCAD 2D, progeCAD 2D, GstarCAD 2D or 4MCAD 2D training

    Number of Product Name of Chapter
    PLU 801 AutoCAD introduction to drawing
    PLU 802 AutoCAD Basic concepts of AutoCAD
    PLU 803 AutoCAD Coordinate systems
    PLU 804 AutoCAD Entering points using coordinates X and Y
    PLU 805 AutoCAD Supplementary and alternate angle
    PLU 806 AutoCAD Description of the screen
    PLU 807 AutoCAD Introduction to drewing
    PLU 808 AutoCAD Practical drawing of drawings
    PLU 809 AutoCAD Auxiliary commands
    PLU 810 AutoCAD Entity attributes, layers
    PLU 811 AutoCAD Information commands
    PLU 812 AutoCAD Commands to control display
    PLU 813 AutoCAD Commands for drawing entities
    PLU 814 AutoCAD Drawing method-drawing visible lines
    PLU 815 AutoCAD Drafting settings
    PLU 816 AutoCAD Drawing method-drawing invisible lines
    PLU 818 AutoCAD drafting settings
    PLU 819 AutoCAD Commands of modification
    PLU 821 AutoCAD editing by grips
    PLU 822 AutoCAD Features of windows in AutoCAD
    PLU 823 AutoCAD Building a library
    PLU 824 AutoCAD Internal blocks
    PLU 825 AutoCAD External blocks
    PLU 826 AutoCAD Fixing blocks
    PLU 828 AutoCAD Layers of blocks
    PLU 829 AutoCAD Attributes of blocks
    PLU 830 AutoCAD Editing attributes
    PLU 831 AutoCAD Usening the design centre
    PLU 832 AutoCAD Plot style
    PLU 833 AutoCAD Working with layouts
    PLU 834 AutoCAD Setting of drawing enviroment
    PLU 835 AutoCAD Basics of dimensioning
    PLU 836 AutoCAD Dimension style
    PLU 837 AutoCAD Associative dimensioning
    PLU 838 AutoCAD Hatch style
    PLU 839 AutoCAD Hatching
    PLU 840 AutoCAD Plotting
    PLU 841 AutoCAD Prototype the drawing with Layouts
    PLU 842 AutoCAD Practice drawing your of first project with the lector
    Computer school MARET certificate

    Price of training for one student AutoCAD 2D progeCAD 2D, GstarCAD 2D or 4MCAD 2D

    • Price AutoCAD 2D progeCAD 2D, GstarCAD 2D or 4MCAD 2D flexible training is � 20/ lesson / student. On training is only one student - is it an individual training. Training begins immediately by logging in now one student.
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