***Virtual Computer School MARET***Lifelong learning of adults******Virtual Computer School MARET***Lifelong learning of adults***

The first virtual school in Slovakia. Learn AutoCAD via the virtual training in real time via the Internet with Lector.

Virtual Computer School MARET offers trainings in Slovak and English languages in the EU and other parts of the world.

Flexible and Virtual AutoCAD training one to one with teacher

Hello everyone, learn AutoCAD 2D from a complete beginner to a professional only for 3 weeks

My name is Milan Papp. I am a teacher of AutoCAD. I have been teaching AutoCAD for 26 years. I have a very good experience in AutoCAD. I can teach you via the Internet in real time. I created my own method of teaching AutoCAD. I can guarantee you that I can teach from a complete beginner to a professional in AutoCAD 2D for only 3 weeks - 15 days - 90 lessons - only 67.5 hours pure time. After training, everyone is able to draw technical drawings by themselves. virtual training

Flexible AutoCAD training

This is not a classical training where you have to follow the scheduled time, date and duration of training, but rather it is a training where you can choose the time and number of lessons of training sessions. If you cannot learn the next day nothing happens. You can arrange another lesson when it suits you.

Flexible training

You can interrupt the training, for example, for a week, two weeks, etc., then continue in training at any time again.

Flexible training

This schedule is flexible for you so that you can do your job but also educate yourself in order to receive higher education and enhance your productivity at work.

Virtual AutoCAD training

By learning AutoCAD virtually you do not have to travel anywhere. You can connect to our computer - server, at a pre-arranged time. After connecting, you will be able to see teaching materials or the AutoCAD working space on your screen. Voice will be transmitted via Skype.

Virtual training

The training is supervised by the teacher. The teacher will lead you through the whole teaching, and you will draw your projects under supervision. At the same time you can ask questions and the teacher will answer them immediately.

I look forward to your participation in our professional training of AutoCAD.

World English Institute in USA ***Diploma***

Autorizovaný konzultanlt firmy AutoDesk

Authorized consultant firm AutoDesk



A teacher with 26 years experience teaches you AutoCAD.



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